How is One Day a Month different?
One Day a Month gives you access to a broad range of PR services, without tying you into an expensive monthly retainer. You choose when and how you use the service over a period equivalent to one working day.

Isn’t public relations only for large companies?
Almost every business can benefit from PR as an alternative and addition to traditional advertising… and even the smallest company can seize the opportunity for local, national or international exposure.

Can I have more than one day a month?
Additional time can be agreed as and when you need it. You’re in charge.

Can I use you as a long-term solution to my PR needs?
Yes, we are experienced PR professionals who can work on an ad hoc basis but we have also planned and implemented numerous long-term PR strategies.

Are you a full service agency?
We have an extensive range of services. Please see the services page for a list of what we can provide.

Who will work with me?
You will be assigned a dedicated account manager who will work exclusively on your behalf.

How do you bill?
We bill up front and expect the first day’s payment before we begin work. Further activity will be billed on a daily rate and should paid within a week of completing work with you.

Do I have a contract with you?
Yes we will send you a contract to sign, agreeing to pay us for the work we have agreed to, within a specified time frame.

What happens if you don’t complete what we have agreed in the time allocated?
We try to complete everything agreed within the one day time frame. However if it takes longer we will finish the agreed work in another day, at no extra cost to you.

Will more than one person be working on my project?
It depends on the amount of work you have requested us to do. One of the founders will oversee every project.

Can you guarantee my press release will get coverage?
In a word, no. But we have a very strong track record between us.

How will I know what’s appeared in the press?
We will update you with a full report at the end of our day. We do not supply press cuttings, unless a separate fee has been agreed on, but we will alert you to where articles have been published.

I like what I have read so far, what next?
Please call us 07780 513411 or email info@onedayamonth.com so we can discuss your PR needs and get going!